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New updates!

Just letting you now about the new updates on my (

Sawada "Tsuna" Tsunayoshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!): (Two new Photos and profile icon)

Hime (Jibaku-kun ~ Twelve World Story): (New profile icon)

Hime (Jibaku-kun ~ Twelve World Story): (New profile icon)

Kurenai Wataru (Kamen Rider Kiva): (New photos!)

Minato Arisato / Main Character (Persona 3); (New costume!)

Nico Minoru (Runaways): (New costume!)

Kyouichi Horaiji (Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchō: Tō): (New costume!)

Soma Peries (Mobile Suit Gundam 00): (New costume!)

Masumi Inou / BoukenBlack (GoGo Sentai Boukenger): (New costume!)

And a new Tieria photo:

Kissus. ;*

Haine za Dog


My father bought last week these head-phones.
I ended up loving them. It is really nice to have them near when I want to listen to my music or to watch some tokusatsu.

Yesterday was really fun. After spending the lunch time with papa, I went out with some friends of mine.
仮面ライダー フン  です~~! *0*~~
I’m really glad.

Tieria Erde

Coloring Stuff + Sharing

I'm not very good at drawing stuff. In fact, I tend to think that I suck when I draw from the sketch.
But people think I color just perfectly, so... MANY MANY MANY collabs. YEY!

Here is one of my collabs. Just finishing the coloring. I think it turned out great. I looove Ryuu's and Slash's hair. They shine! *0*

Anyways, I will enjoy Father's Day now. :3

cyber punk

Gosh! Studies!!!!

Hellow there!

Things always turn very complicated.

Oh, snap.

I am studying very hard. That's way I've been missing. hahahahahaha
Too bad. LOL
But I keep moving forward and trying my best. I’m good at it.
Just wait a little longer to see some new cosplays. (Y)


For now, Make-up test underneath.




Studying hard

Hellow, Folks.

Even thou I have been missing, it can be justified by my working hard studying duty.

Well, at least I’m felling okay right now.

I may have catch a cold. Ooow. ._________________.


That’s all for now, folks.


main emo

About injured hands and injured hearts

Well, I’m not very inclined to anything today. >_>

Tell the truth, sometimes is just very hard to get happy with something since I will always get on some sort of trouble and will not be able to complete the thing.




When I get all this things, maybe, just maybe, I will be able to have my things. To do my things. To be myself, just like I really love (me).

But for now, is just about learning how to live passing by the problems. I think it will make me grow very mature and bitter, but… Doesn’t bitterness sound very sweet in the end?

I hope so.

Well, let’s talk about happy things to. Its way better.

Yesterday it was awesome to wear Dorothy outfit. Very fun. My boyfriend and I had tons of fun. He as my Jamen dean. (L) We danced a lot and well… He was a first-timer in a dance floor, and despite I being a awesome dancer, he just twisted my hand. LOL

Now we’ve got a new joke: THE LAMBADA KILLING MOVES. Hahahahaha

I love ya, Lockon. Make your Tieria always happy, okay? (L)

We both smiling. Just happy days!

Tieria S2 Lockon! <3





Over the rainbow

Hey darlings.
I think I will try to keep this thing updated (or not).


Well, now I’m posting with a better mood. It’s awesome to wake-up in a better mood and to want to make good things… And that implies that today we are making COSPLAY! YAY!


I’m finishing the last details on the outfit I’ve been making for the last two weeks. It was a dream cosplay and now, it is almost finished! It can make a gal way to happy! (L)


It is my first “The Wizard of Oz” cosplay. And it will be Dorothy Gale. I’ve always wanted to cosplay as her, but never got the chance or the time to do so. Now, it almost complete! I’M SOO GLAD!
It is for a tematic party, and I hope it will be awesome.


Most people don’t understand why I’ve been so eager to cosplay her. Well… It was the first musical I’ve ever saw on my life, when I was still a child. And OMG. How I loved it. I always end up cosplaying characters with little red shoes. Always end-up buying red shoes. RUBY SHOES! And that was the love I felt for her. Because Dorothy is just like me. She is so different from everyone. No one gets what she is really thinking… and what she really wants is an adventure of a life-time! We are very similar, all we want is to know what big mysteries lay over the rainbow.


Thanks for reading.




Too bad for me

Well, my sweeties. I’ve been missing here because I had tons of things to do. Really.

Now I can say I‘m almost an attorney in law. I’m kind of glad about it, really.

Kind of glad is the correct expression, since I’ve been very down lately. Well. I need a work. That’s why I’m down. But people around me are not very willing to help me get more composed and happy. They just keep making me down. Not complaining, really.

It’s okay for me. I always survive the bad stuff. I’M VERY USED TO IT.


But at least I can give you all some good news. I haven’t drop cosplay (yet). Expect some good cosplays soon. Very soon.

Hope you all enjoy.


Be happy always.

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