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Rust Blaster!

Does anyone knows a manga named ‘Rust Blaster’?
OMG. First thing to say: I do think almost all vampires’ stories are very much alike, so I think most of them are really boring and stupid. But just sometimes there is that vampire tale that is just too awesome to be boring. Too good to be true! OMG! And that’s Rust Blaster that I’m talking about. Is just one volume, but is one volume made of love. So much passion! I loved the character design, I loved the outfits (Me wanna cosplay! YESH!) and loved the story itself. <3
I’m so in love! <3

I was late to find this manga because I’ve never heard about Toboso Yana before I start reading Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), which is an awesome manga as well. Since I did fell in love with Kuroshitsuji, I decided to chase other Yana-sama’s manga. And it really worth it. ;_______;

If you don’t know Rust Blaster, here go some links for your enjoyment!
3 first chaps scanlated (English) by VK in Midnight-serenade:
RAW in SakuyaKamui LJ:

See? I love to share my love. <3
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