August 9th, 2009

cyber punk

Gosh! Studies!!!!

Hellow there!

Things always turn very complicated.

Oh, snap.

I am studying very hard. That's way I've been missing. hahahahahaha
Too bad. LOL
But I keep moving forward and trying my best. I’m good at it.
Just wait a little longer to see some new cosplays. (Y)


For now, Make-up test underneath.



Tieria Erde

Coloring Stuff + Sharing

I'm not very good at drawing stuff. In fact, I tend to think that I suck when I draw from the sketch.
But people think I color just perfectly, so... MANY MANY MANY collabs. YEY!

Here is one of my collabs. Just finishing the coloring. I think it turned out great. I looove Ryuu's and Slash's hair. They shine! *0*

Anyways, I will enjoy Father's Day now. :3