peacemaker_sama (peacemaker_sama) wrote,

Over the rainbow

Hey darlings.
I think I will try to keep this thing updated (or not).


Well, now I’m posting with a better mood. It’s awesome to wake-up in a better mood and to want to make good things… And that implies that today we are making COSPLAY! YAY!


I’m finishing the last details on the outfit I’ve been making for the last two weeks. It was a dream cosplay and now, it is almost finished! It can make a gal way to happy! (L)


It is my first “The Wizard of Oz” cosplay. And it will be Dorothy Gale. I’ve always wanted to cosplay as her, but never got the chance or the time to do so. Now, it almost complete! I’M SOO GLAD!
It is for a tematic party, and I hope it will be awesome.


Most people don’t understand why I’ve been so eager to cosplay her. Well… It was the first musical I’ve ever saw on my life, when I was still a child. And OMG. How I loved it. I always end up cosplaying characters with little red shoes. Always end-up buying red shoes. RUBY SHOES! And that was the love I felt for her. Because Dorothy is just like me. She is so different from everyone. No one gets what she is really thinking… and what she really wants is an adventure of a life-time! We are very similar, all we want is to know what big mysteries lay over the rainbow.


Thanks for reading.



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