Profiles [and about how hard is to update them]

As many of you know, I have a dozen of cosplay profiles and other stuff related. But, keep them updated is way too hard. I apologize to the ones that love to see my cosplays and just can't wait to see new photos... Life is not even a bit easy to me, so I tend to forget to update all this stuff and make everyone happy. (Y)

but, when I got to remember, I update EVERYTHING AT ONCE. And, well... I get very tired after that. XD
But, since is for a very good cause and for my small but lovely fan-club, I will always love to update the profiles and answer all the E-mails, scraps, letters and so on, that you all send me with so much care and love. (L)

Just remember I'm not like Dr. Manhattan and do not have Spidey reflexes, okay? XD



* Cure:
With new photos, new galleries and candy bars for everyone. (L)

Updated with "Badou Nails from Dogs" cosplay.

* ACP:
Updated with:
Haine Rammsteiner from Dogs        
Hime / Aneue from Jibaku-kun ~ Twelve World Story
Badou Nails from Dogs.

* Cosplay Lab:
Updated with:
Hyo - or Hail from Jibaku-kun ~ 12 World Story (OLD Update)
Matsu from Sengoku Basara (Devil Kings) (OLD Update)

Haine Rammsteiner from Dogs        
Hime / Aneue from Jibaku-kun ~ Twelve World Story
Badou Nails from Dogs.

* Multiply:
2 new galleries on:
Badou Nails:
Nico Minoru / Sister Grimm:

* Cosspace:
New layout, but still no photos there. It just sucks to post photos there. D:
But, has new updated info and costume planner UP TO DATE!

* DeviantART:
This one has tons of new stuff. New wallpapers, some cosplay photos and drawings. (L)

* PicasaWeb:
3 new galleries:
Badou Nails:
Nico Minoru / Sister Grimm:



Meme time! 8D

Meme stolen from *unlimystic (

[1] Answer each of the questions below using Flickr Search.
[2] Choose a photo from the first three pages.
[3] Copy the URL of your favorite photo into: [link]
[4] Then share with the world.

01. First Name
02. Favorite Food
03. Hometown
04. Favorite Color
05. Celebrity Crush
06. Favorite Drink
07. Dream Vacation
08. Favorite Dessert
09. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
10. Something I Love In The World
11. One Word That Describes Me
12. My LiveJournal Name

My answers:

Each image credit goes to the respective photographer. *3*~~

Luv ya all. (L)

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Haine za Dog

Hiatus... Or sort of?

Well guys, I know you all missed me. I just know that. LOL

It happens, really.

Bad things happen, I mean.

I was very busy with some stuff, studying, making my cosplay for WCS and then… Bad thing happened. O-o

Just like that.

I will not tell it because its way to personal to blog about it. But it was serious. Really serious. And happened a month ago. Well, now everything is just fine. And I will not disappear again. I know you all got very worried. LOL



Tieria Erde


After a week from hell, I'm all 'lol'ish latelly. LOL
Things are getting better and better even though sometimes destiny plays around a little (just like a child fireing some ants). Anyways, life STILL is bitter sweet, right?

But, Peace is here to share the love. THE LOVE, I SAID. LOVE WITH SOME CAPS LOCK AND RAEP ISSUES. But it still is love. <3
Gundam 00 makes my days better. A better way to payoff that **** FUKKEN feeling after Code Geass R2. CRAP! 8D

Sunrise is spreading the love now. Boobies are love! YESH! <3
This week G00 episode is FTW. TOTALLY.
We have boobies, we have RAEP. LOL

Should I share the love? HELL YES!
All my love and thanks for Pina-kun that shared the love first. <3
way to go, husbandooooooo! LOL

Follow the fake cut:


Wow! What a week! This last one of october was one of THE WORST WEEKS OF THIS YEAR!
How terrible! Exams, stress, fagtory. ARGH!
It coul have killed me, but I'm too strong for that!

Well... At least, this week is starting in a better way. I hope all bad things that happened last week stay there in the past!
This week will be awesome. YES IT WILL BE!

Kissus, everyone.

See ya! ;*

Rust Blaster!

Does anyone knows a manga named ‘Rust Blaster’?
OMG. First thing to say: I do think almost all vampires’ stories are very much alike, so I think most of them are really boring and stupid. But just sometimes there is that vampire tale that is just too awesome to be boring. Too good to be true! OMG! And that’s Rust Blaster that I’m talking about. Is just one volume, but is one volume made of love. So much passion! I loved the character design, I loved the outfits (Me wanna cosplay! YESH!) and loved the story itself. <3
I’m so in love! <3

I was late to find this manga because I’ve never heard about Toboso Yana before I start reading Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), which is an awesome manga as well. Since I did fell in love with Kuroshitsuji, I decided to chase other Yana-sama’s manga. And it really worth it. ;_______;

If you don’t know Rust Blaster, here go some links for your enjoyment!
3 first chaps scanlated (English) by VK in Midnight-serenade:
RAW in SakuyaKamui LJ:

See? I love to share my love. <3
cyber punk

Second post... And.... Plans?

Well, second post? YES!

I’m not in my very good (almost happy-killing) mood if ya ask me. I was a little sick lately. My bad. >_>

Buuuut… I’m alive. O-o


Okay. Let’s see why I’m posting here... Oh, yeah! Second episode of Gundam 00  second season. To many second things there. Good thing. Was a really great episode, thou. XD

And, well, I’m in the mood for more cosplay plans.

Oh! I have plenty of good plans for this end of the year and for next year already. I like to plan things up. Is nice to look at a ‘Cosplay must do list’ and see how many of the ones you wanted to do you did. It’s kind of… surprising, maybe.


Let’s see the plans I made for the beginning of the year:

Done, first! 8D

NiGHTS (NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams) – It was hard, but it worth it!

RYOJI MOCHIZUKI  (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3) - Done! And How I dreamed to cosplay him! Was totally Win!
SAWADA  TSUNAYOSHI (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
- I’m almost the entire cast of Reborn! Yes, I cosplayed him! *_*
MINATO ARISATO/MAIN CHARACTER (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3) -
Another dream, another win! This cosplay made me really happy. *_*

TIERIA ERDE (Gundam 00) - I made a preview version, as you can see on the avatar. Soo. Done! 8D

DEATH THE KID (Soul Eater) - It was awesome cosplay him! <3


Not done. D:

CHASE YOUNG  (Xiaolin Showdown) - Still not done. = Postponed. D:

RAVEN (Teen Titans) - Postponed. I think I will not cosplay her really. i-i

RYOMOU SHIMEI (Ikki Tousen) - I gave up doing this cosplay for now. But just maybe I can cosplay her until the end of the year.

GUNZI/GUNJI (Togainu no chi) - Postponed until we have a huge Togainu no Chi group! *_*

ROBOT-KY (Guilty Gear) - This one was a real WILL NOT DO! I got stressed with this cosplay and stopped in the middle. This project was dropped. 8D


I still have more plans, but… I will wait till the end of the yar to see if they’ll be made. ^^


See ya! ;D


First Post

I still did not get this stuff completely. o-o

Yeah, I should present myself first, right?

I'm Carol Medeiros AKA Peace_Maker_Girl AKA Peace.
I have many names and nicknames. Maybe you know me. Just maybe. LOL

I'm Brazilian and I just love cosplay. Underground cosplay. Yeah!

 I’m a law student. One day I will make an awesome attorney (Well, I work as attorney already, but…).  I draw, I paint, I make cosplay props… Yes, many talents. I cosplay just to have fun. Even though I’m always on contests, for me all that matters is the healthy fun.

And I’m the ‘underground type’ cosplayer. So, I keep picking characters that are not very popular or common, but sometimes I just want to cosplay a character that I love and it doesn’t matter if is well known or not!

I'm very religious and I’m Christian. Well, I’m not that kind of person who says that has one straight religion, but I was raised Christian, so… Yeah, I have a purity ring and that stuff. U_U And I like that, since it’s not very common to see a young person that is religious like me.

I’m a huge Sci-fi fan (Doctor Who, Star Gate, Star Wars, PR, Dune, B5…). I do love Mechas (Macross, Gundam, Detonator Orgun, Shogo, ZoE...).  I’m a huge Macross Fan, maybe that’s why I had cosplayed Sharon Apple plenty times.

I do speak many languages, sooo… Feel free to talk to me. I’m really friendly.

Links time!

Cosplay & Art Stuff: